You Can\’t Ignore Electronic Lock – Why?

 You can open a new office and handover the keys of the door’s lock to employees. But, in the age of advancement, many companies and offices are choosing the facility of electronic lock. So, what are you waiting for? Electronic locks have a lot of merits. To know more go through the following points: No fear – Many business owners of big firms fear that dishonest staff members or intruders will duplicate the keys someday. In reality, such things happen and some of the companies face loses too. If you also have the same fear, then you can choose digital door locks. It is impossible to duplicate electronic locks. Majority of the individuals don’t have much vast knowledge about technology. So, such individuals cannot possibly crack the code of your electronic door lock. 

Things to be known – In the present times, people are using more electronic key cards rather than a normal key. There’s no need to change your company’s thumbprint door lock each and every time after some of your company’s employees are retired, resigned or fired. It is very easy to do the deactivation of any electronic key card of a retired or resigned employee. Thus, it suggests that they will no longer have access to your office building or any area of your office complex. 

No confusion – In earlier times, employees have to carry dozens of keys to check that whether a room is filled with vital documents of various previous and existing customers are there or not. It is not easy to remember the numbers of all the keys. But, all such problematic situations can be avoided just by using electronic locks. Employees or the boss just have to put the right security code or he can open the door by the help of electronic key cards. It is often seen that in 5 star hotels and 4 star hotels, electronic locks are used and travelers just swipe their key cards to enter the rooms. It is a simple and less hectic process. 

A fact – The security in-charge of your office will know that who is entering just by using technology. The CCTV cameras will also show that who can enter the rooms with the cards and which intruders have to leave your office premises without the key cards of electronic locks. 

Store – In a reputable hotel, profiles of various customers are created who are using the key cards. The administrators will manage the profiles and store them in a file to prevent the outbreak of bitter incidents. Electronic doors of each hotel room have different keys, so don’t worry.