Television is found in every person’s house these days. But purchasing a television and placing it in your house is not the only thing that matters. TV installation and antenna installation Northern Beaches also play a vital role to watch TV. Without tv installation, you cannot connect the television to the switch and without an antenna installation; there is no use of TV. Because antenna is the way through which the television catches signal and provides you with your favorite channels with a clear image. Watching television with a clear image is what makes it enjoyable.

In some rare cases, when antenna gets damaged because of the weather conditions or some other reason which makes the picture blurry in your television as well as it makes an awful television sound that annoys you and you prefer to close the television. If it stays like this, you get disappointed because it does not entertain you in the same way now. That is why repairing becomes necessary for you so that it does not give you that annoying blurry image and that harsh sound.


There are many problems that arise in antenna. One of the most common problems is disintegration of antenna cable. Most of the times, cable gets loose either from inside or outside the house which does not allow the antenna to catch signals from the broadcast station. Another problem could be an upgrading of broadcast station. If you installed your antenna many years back, you need to upgrade it now because it cannot catch signals from the broadcast station which is now upgraded. Moreover, if you have moved your antenna and it is now in an inaccurate order, this can be a problem too. These can be the reasons you have a problem in your television like blurry image and harsh sounds and you would want to fix it as soon as possible so that you can again watch television with a clear image in peaceful environment with your family.

But again, there are some problems in antenna that can only be fixed by some experts. Even if there is a very small problem, you still want someone best to fix it that gives you the best results for your expenses. Finding the best team that provides you with the best services is not a problem anymore. Antenna Genie is the specialist in tv installation, TV aerial installation, digital TV aerial and antenna repairs. We try to reach our customers’ expectations as much as we can. This is the reason we have become very famous in the specialization of tv installation, tv aerial installation and antenna repairs. We also try to be as responsive as possible to our customers’ feedbacks.