What Are The Different Types Of Bed Form?

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If you had a bad night sleep and want to buy yourself a new bed form, this guide will help you purchase the best for you. It is definitely time to replace it if you feel that it is sagging in the middle. This may be due to the fact the futon might be a bit older than five years old.

Memory foam

If the characteristics of the mattress from Mobile Mattress you desire are full of comfort and support, then this is the most suited for you. If you sleep on your side, you will get really good support from the memory foam as it takes the shape of your body. The required shoulder support is provided. You will the foam surrounding you when it takes the shape of your body. It contains several layers of foam which does not sag and that means you don’t need to flip it over regularly.


The gel is inserted to the bed foam in the layer that provides support or the upholstered layer. The difference between gel and memory foam is the feel of it. The gel helps to disperse the heat from the body, which might make you, feel more comfortable when you sleep soundly. So, you might not want to buy mattress online Sydney without getting a feel.

Pillow tops

Pillows tops are perfect for side sleepers who do not like gel or memory foam. These futons have an extra level of upholstery, which gives a sinking feeling and provides comfort to the hips and shoulder. The softness of the pillow tops can be chosen as they are made from coil or innerspring pallet.


Coil futons are also known as innerspring provide support using the springs. The quality of the foam can be determined by the number of springs that have been used. So the shapes and gauge of the coil can also affect the support given to your back. Those individuals who sleep on the tummy, back or shoulder will find this very comfortable too.


Water provides the support needed and are best for those who sleep on the back. The chamber that holds the water is covered with a material, which is padded upholstery. The chamber allows the water to be free so that there are no obstructions.


Airbed has the same properties as waterbeds and can be adjusted to be firm for support. There are other types of bed pads such as latex or adjustable bases, which also provide backing, but it all depends on the requirements of the person. So now it’s time for you to choose what your sleep desires!