Sewer Line Maintenance – Why Is It Necessary?

Sewer or a sanitary sewer is basically an underground carriage mechanism designed only to transport sewage from commercial buildings and residences through pipes for disposal or treatment departments. These are an integral part of the entire system which is known as sewerage or sewage system. There can be instances of sanitary sewer leakage or overflow due to broken or blocked sewer lines. When there is a malfunction of pumps or infiltration of large amounts of storm water, it causes faulty sewer lines. If such issues are not treated in time, the sewage starts to flow into the environment before it reaches the treatment facilities. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances which may be harmful to environment, regular maintenance is necessary.


The requirements as far as maintenance is concerned vary depending on the kind of sanitary sewer. There is no doubt that every sewer does deteriorate with time. However, inflow and infiltration are mainly concerns linked to sanitary sewers as storm drains and sewers are designed to withhold these contributions. In order to hold infiltration to the actual level needs best maintenance standard than required for structural reliability factors of combined sewers. A proper inspection program on construction is recommended to protect the wrong connection of yard, roof drains and yards to sanitary sewer. The possibility of such connections is more when sanitary sewers and combined sewers are located in close distance. This is because the construction official may fail to figure out the difference. There are many cities which still prefer combined sewers. For best maintenance, you can consult hot water services.In the past, every time the sewer pipes were cracked or damaged, the solution was a costly excavation, or removing or replacing the damaged pipe. Soon after, there was a unit introduced wherein 2 units at all ends was pulled through the cement mixer with a manhole cover to coat the pipe with cement. Now there is another method used which is more or less similar where epoxy resin is used by most municipalities for relining damaged pipes properly. However, such methods may not be fruitful for an area where there is complete diameter of the actual pipe needed to withhold the expected water flow. It may not be a great idea if there is a higher wastage of water flow, which may be expected due to high usage of water, and population growth. When you face such issues, seek help from an emergency plumber Canberra and get it fixed.

Pipe bursting

There is yet another popular solution to replace old and damaged lines which is known as the pipe bursting. The process involves a new pipe either ABS plastic or PVC is drawn with the help of the old pipe. This type of method is ideal for trunk sewers as line repair through lateral connections is indeed a complicated process.