How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

Purchasing an outdoor cushion is an investment worth making if one hopes to make their outdoor furniture appear attractive, appealing and comfortable. Most of the outdoor furniture is made from high quality material designed to last. The furniture is ideal for withstanding the outdoor climate. It therefore goes without saying that one needs to know how to clean the furniture and mainly the outdoor cushion. A number of the fabrics that are used for the manufacture of outdoor cushion are durable and fade resistant to make them ideal for the outdoors. However, just because the fabrics are ideal for outdoors it does not mean that they should be neglected. Constantly the cushions need to be cleaned. Click here for more information and for all inquiries.

Cleaning of outdoor cushions is significantly important for a number of reasons. This is because the cleaning helps to remove dirt and prevent the dirt from accumulating on the cushions thereby damaging the fabric. By the mere fact that the cushion is outdoors, it tends to attract more dirt. Dirt can be quite abrasive and if not cleaned, it will ruin the fabric. This it does by ruining not just the structural integrity of the fabric, but also any protective coating that might be protecting the cushion. The dirt eventually causes the fabric to appear worn out and old. A sight that is neither desirable nor appealing. This undesirable outcome can easily be avoided by ensuring that regular routine cleaning of the cushion and outdoor furniture is carried out.

Retailers who have outdoor cushions for sale often provide guides on how to take care of the cushions. The person cleaning the cushion should first ensure that the cushion is vacuumed or gently brushed off so as to remove dirt and any other debris that might be on the fabric. The significance of vacuuming first is to ensure that when the fabric gets into contact it will not be having any dirt. In case there is dirt, it will form a spot or stain on the fabric of the cushion which will be counterproductive to the cushion cleaning exercise. Once all the dirt and debris have been removed, then the fabric is ready for cleaning.

A major mistake that a number of people make when cleaning outdoor cushions is to clean the cushions using a pressure washer. This is a mistake becausemost of the fabrics that are used in the manufacture of outdoor cushion are loom woven and then coated with a rubber like material. The pressure from the washer often ends up tearing the rubber like coating and the moisture will find its way into the cushion resulting with a mold cushion. One should also avoid using harsh detergents as that too might damage the outer coating. Instead the person should use water based cleaning agents.

One should take 1 teaspoon of the dishwashing detergent and add it to the cleaning agent. This should be sprayed on both sides of the cushion using a spray bottle. This will help to clean off the mold. The detergent should be left to saturate on the cushion for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then, using a hose, spray the cushion to remove the cleaning solution off the fabric of the cushion. It should then be left to dry.