Films for Household Glass

Along with your house windows, glass can also be found in many different areas of your home. Furniture, mirrors, bathroom appliances, and cookware are just a few examples of residential products that often incorporate glass. Glass is widely used as a shower screen, a popular option for modern-looking washrooms, because glass doors are easy to clean, unlike plastic that can get very dirty after time. Glass balustrades provide safety and security on balconies and staircases, and won’t block a great view. Glass can also be used for decorative purposes, such as stained glass in churches and temples, or intricate glass fixtures on lamps and doors. Windows generally provide protection against elements such as heat, light, and even violent intruders. They are important for your home, to say the least. Choosing glass that is produced by great craftsmanship is essential, but there are also ways to enhance the protective qualities of glass windows. Films are thin polyester material that can be applied to glass for different purposes.
Safety film is a basic essential, holding shattered glass in place, and reducing flying shards upon impact. This is important for all types of windows and glass products, because broken glass is an immediate threat and can be deadly.
Security film adheres to glass, strengthening it to resist violent intrusions. This is an alternative to the protective window bars that are often placed in front of ground windows, which can often obstruct a view or get in the way of aesthetics. Security film shouldn’t be used on all surfaces though, as it may interfere with safety measures, such as the need to immediately escape from a house or vehicle.
Solar film greatly reduces the penetration of UV rays. Not only does this protect people from the sun, but it also prevents the fading of items, such as fabric and wood furniture, or paintings and items for sale in a store or gallery. Solar film also reduces heat loss in the winter and cooler nights, keeping you warm and saving money on electricity as well! Solar film has many useful purposes, but a major downside is internal reflection, which leads to a mirror-like effect at night. Fortunately, there is also a “night” film for glass, preventing this glaring effect.
Different films can also be used for privacy purposes: tinting is widely used in the windows of vehicles, and frosting is a great option for bathroom windows & custom or frameless shower screens are also an good option – providing full protection from the elements and letting in plenty of light, while blurring things enough so you don’t need to keep closing blinds and curtains during washroom use.
Glass windows are more than an important part of your house – they are essential for protection and security. Glass specialists provide aid for table tops repairs & glass replacement, and there is usually one in every major city, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Residential glass repairs can be costly, but repair is important, even seemingly small dinges. Glass is a fragile material, but ultimately beneficial for your home.