Embarrassing Questions Most People Are Too Afraid To Ask Massage Therapists


There are lots of myths which revolve around body massage and spa pools. This has resulted to popular beliefs,feeling people with tones of crap and uncertainties in their head, not knowing what to believe or understand when it comes to the issues of massage. Over the years, such uncertainties have build up leaving most people with lots of embarrassing questions which makes them too afraid to raise them before professional therapists.

Are tips acceptable? Offering a tip is one way of showing gratitude to those who have done well in their services delivery. As long as tips offered are pure and innocent, such payments may be acceptable in most spa pool in Auckland facilities. However, there are those who might not take such gestures kindly and may feel offended by such tips. For the sake of courtesy reasons, it is wise to ask first before offering such payments. However, this should never be done with the intentions of getting some favors in return.

Can I go nude completely? This is entirely personal decision, where the therapist involved is never obligated to suggest such decisions. There are some clothing which may allow effective massage and sufficient body exposure for the spa pool treatment. However, there are some rules and regulations which offer guidance on how a person should wear during the therapy session. It is, however advisable to wear loose and clean clothing before going for a massage therapy session. This makes a person to feel more comfortable and also reduce the after massage effects which may make a person to feel uncomfortable. Before dressing or undressing, it is essential to ask first on the directions.

Can I have a conversation with the therapist? This is completely ethical and personal. Therapists are trained on how they can converse with their patients for the sake of quality results. However,the client can request in advance not to speak during the entire session. It is also central to ask the therapist if she or he is willing to talk during the session. What if a drool? Due to the feeling of relaxation on most of the body muscles, a person may feel like drooling in the course of therapy sessions. It is completely normal for such incidences to happen in the private room during the session. It is however in order to ask for a basin or a towel so as not to mess on the floor.

What if I can control my erection? This is one of the many reasons why men avoid hydrotherapy spa and massage sessions. Deep and hydrotherapy triggers parasympathetic nerve which is solemnly responsible for partial or full erection in both men and women. For that reason, one may feel embarrassed even to say such actions in front of the peers. This is one of the training which is given to the therapists on how to handle such cases, without offending the victims. Therefore, it is completely acceptable to have either full or partial erection during these sessions. To reduce the amount of embarrassment, the client or the patient should talk about it to friends or even to the therapist himself.