Choosing A Good Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioner may be required in some places to survive the hot summer. When exterior temperatures reach a certain threshold, it is very uncomfortable to live in our homes, even with ceiling fans running at full speed. The only possible solution is to decrease the interior temperature of your home, which is just what an AC unit is supposed to do. 

Now you may think that buying an air conditioner is just as easy as walking into any major electronics store and walking away with anything that catches your eye or is the cheapest model available out there. While going on about it this way is really up to you, you should first consider about your requirements before you spend your hard earned money on a sub-par AC system.

  • Type – Many portable air conditioning units don’t require any sort of ducts, which makes them ideal for cooling of small rooms and areas where space restrictions prevent duct installation. On the other hand, central air conditioning units require the use of ductwork for an extremely efficient cooling system that can cool your entire home without issues. Remember that installing ducts is not something you can just do and forget: you will likely have to spend some money for cleaning and to repair ductwork once in a while.
    • Size – The size of an air conditioner will not only affect its performance but its energy consumption as well. Of course, larger units will be able to cool a single room in a matter of mere minutes, but at the cost of an insane electricity consumption. Always weight in the costs, and decide whether it is really worth to get an oversized AC unit for cooling smaller areas.
      • Cost – It is easy to fall for cheaper air conditioning systems at first. They may offer the same cooling abilities and specifications of the much more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost. The problem though is that many such units have questionable build quality, often times breaking down just a few months after use. It is a far wiser idea to invest in a quality air conditioner that will be guaranteed to function for many years down the line. When it comes to costs, you should also remember to consider about things other than the unit itself. For example, installing ducts means that you need to spend some money for duct cleaning itself every few months.
        • Ease of Installation – Most of the more complex and expensive AC units will require the assistance of HVAC professional for correct installation. Some shops will send somebody they know to assist you, but not all do. In that case, you will have to search for an HVAC professional on your own, or rely on your contacts to get a few references.