4 Tips To Look Stylish When Pregnant

There is no reason to fret about what you are going to wear when you are pregnant anymore. Today, more than ever there are a million styles of clothing that a pregnant woman can try out and feel proudly fashionable. Many celebrity figures are endorsing maternity wear and showing off their growing baby bumps and the public seems to be following suit. Most clothing retailers have expanded to their own maternity clothing line as well. Here are some tips to make use of to maintain a sense of style when pregnant. 

Invest in maternity jeans

Investing in jeans especially ones with an adjustable waistband or leggings will be a clothing item that will not go to waste. Besides, jeans with bootleg are stylish, comfortable and flattering. There are also skinny jeans as maternity wear that are extra stretchy. For day wear, during summers cargo pants are another option. A magnetic mattress underlay can be bought for traveling or discomfort during sleeping. 

Maternity tops

Maternity wear is meant to flaunt a pregnant woman’s body while being extremely comfortable to wear. During this time, you would want to buy clothing that is baggy, however avoid buying too baggy clothes unless you think it’s absolutely necessary. Layering clothes with a cardigan or loose blazer is more stylish than wearing very loose fitted clothes as means to hide your figure. Instead go for more flowing materials that accentuate your figure. You can wear clothes with a wool underlay during the winter season. The most important factor is to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing.

Maternity dresses

Similar to maternity tops, try to wear dresses that accentuate your body as well. These are especially true for maternity dresses with empire cuts or a fitted bodice to flatter a pregnant woman. There is no need to lose your personal sense of style for the months you are pregnant. Instead, try to have as much fun and if you are a person who loves wearing vibrant colours and bold, fun prints then keep doing the same during the maternity period too!


Shoes definitely are part of the whole look so make sure to buy new and comfortable shoes since there is always a tendency of your feet swelling during this time. While these need not be expensive shoes, it is important to buy ones that are comfortable and well constructed. Sandals and flats are usually recommended as they are the most comfortable and can possibly avoid potential falls. High heels and stilettos need to be avoided at all times.